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your_shadows's Journal

Elegant Virtues of the Obscure Mind
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a shadow follows us at all times, is always there, and others can see a reflection of your inner self by looking into this. we would like to share this with you. share yourself, sit back relax, the beer and wine are in the fridge. come be part of a family.

your_shadows is a place to share whatever it is you wish, from folklore to religion to beliefs of all fields, but let that not be a restriction. we are here to learn from all types of education. learning is fundemental. we grasp the emotion of all things different much better than things we have already experienced. share things that have touched you in whatever way that has created influences, good/bad reactions, nightmares/wet dreams, everything.

lore to greek mythos, paranormal, faeries, modern day monsters, obscure, oddities, religions, profits, current events, issues, mysticisim, to just about anything there possibly is to tell.

This is also a place for you to be weird, we all are very weird and hide it behind our external skin. this is your home to let it be free. Here is an elite club where you are able to share whatever it is you wish in your findings through the vast field of religion, folklore, dreams, desires, interesting sites, and much much more. This is your book. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want.

Your Shadows is just that, something that is constantly with you.
come share you likes, dis-likes and whatever it is you wish to share, no limitations to matters of the mind and heart.

this community is free join so anyone can become part of our family, all we ask is that You Make yourself At Home!!!!. we love reading our own likes, so in that light we would greatly desire to read yours.

another addiction waiting for your veins;