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Just joined the community.
I have a lot of interests.
Mainly in the Occult, Religion, and Sociology.

I'm a fairly good fortune teller.
Scarily so for most of my friends X_x

I'm also a role player [D&D, White Wolf]
and A Comic Book Geek.
Know more pop trivia than most.
I'm in love with music and the arts.

That's just the beginning of my oddness.
I figure I will fit in rather well in this community.

I have also started another journal recently.
I'm exploring issues related to my diagnosis of Bi-polar.
It's friends only but I welcome anyone to drop by leave me a comment and be added.
I like getting input from all sources especially those who want to see what
another person's experience is like.
I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to use the material I've written as
a basis for a book of some sort.

If you are intrested go here perfectgray
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